Our Collection Philosophy

Our collection philosophy is very simple. We deliver only two sustainable fashion collections annually by taking inspiration from around the world. Each annual collection has a different collection for rent and a different collection for lease and the option to buy is available in both.

Our rental collection has high fashion couture designs that are crafted using complex techniques and require special care. We make evening dresses, gowns, jumpsuit available for hire which is perfect for prom, black tie events, weddings, large gathering, and pre-wedding shoots, where making a style statement is important. These important events are always photographed, so why not rent?

In our lease collection, we focus on making relaxed timeless designs. The lease collection has dresses, tops, and trousers that made especially for dinner nights, date nights, evening wear for clubs and parties, small family & friends gathering, and so much more within everyday life. The pieces offered in this collection are easy to maintain at home and can be worn multiple times. Our basics collection is the go-to zone for building your capsule wardrobe.

Sustainable Circular Fashion Editorials Taisha Trail Gown Tencel Lyocell and Cupro 13
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