Using innovation at every step from designing, manufacturing to how we sell, we challenge ourselves and push our boundaries

Our Three-Step Holistic Approach, guided by the principles of the circular economy… For the love of fashion, and love of people and the planet

We are the utopian vision of a sustainable world of how fashion should be produced, consumed, and disposed.

1. Towards How We Design & Develop Our Products

What Do We do?

Only high-quality Sustainable Materials

Save 10k L of water using virtual Stitching the Look before cutting the materials

Innovations at every stage

Make Quality pieces that are built to last.

Why We Do What We do?

We are driven by innovations to cut down our waste, we use virtual stitching to develop our designs virtually before making the physical piece. This helps in saving us our precious resources.

We use high-quality sustainable materials to make our products last longer, learn more about our materials here.

2. Towards How Our Products Are Used

What Do We do?

We understand you.

We offer our products in three ways which you can choose depending on how often you repeat: Either Rent to wear once or buy  to keep for as long as you’d like.

Why We Do What We Do?

Because wearing the same outfit is a big no! no! in our social media life, we have shaped our brand in a way you don’t have to worry about running out of closet space ever again or guilt of buying

Buying an outfit for wearing only once is not only super expensive but also puts extreme pressure on our already struggling environment

Thus by a collaborative and ownership-free model, we save your closet space, make sustainable fashion more affordable, and save our planet.

3. Taking back our clothing and taking responsibility

What We do?

We responsibly upcycle or recycle when the product reaches the end

Why We Do What We Do?

Nearly 100% of Textiles are recyclable, period!

We believe our products can do so much more than just piling up in landfills. They can be used for making new products, new textiles, new resources, or even energy, the possibilities are endless, therefore we maintain ownership over our clothing and take care of how it should be disposed of.

We are there with our babies till the end!


Our heart and sourl

We are a young brand that understands the problems of the world we live in today. Using innovation at every step from designing, manufacturing to how we sell, we challenge ourselves and push our boundaries to create luxurious pieces without compromising the beauty and quality of the products and the world around us. Beautiful, Sustainable, and Clean Future is what defines the vision of Satatland

From our fabrics to trims, each article that goes into the making of our pieces has been selected with care and compassion for the people and the planet.

The key materials in our Collection 01: Kumadori are TENCEL™ Luxe, ECONYL®, Recycled Wool, Organic Peace silk, FSC Viscose, Recycled Polyester, and Recycled Nylon as our fabrics along with Recycled zippers in all our pieces and recycled sewing thread in most. We have created iconic inlay marble buttons using Black Marble and Mother of Pearls from industrial waste.

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